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A Week in Paris

… not really, but I couldn’t resist the pun.

I spent a week in Montreal for training when I started working for the company I currently work for and stayed at the Hilton (hence the Paris joke, in case you hadn’t figured it out by now). It was my first time staying at a hotel from the Hilton chain and I really had high hopes because of the chain’s image. I wasn’t expecting marble and gold but I was looking forward to staying there for a week. I know the chain is arguably one of the biggest chains in the world and the Hilton name certainly has a reputation attached to it and this isn’t an attack towards the Hilton chain; just a quick little exposé that points out the irony of attending a customer service training for a week and being confronted with such an awkward and unpleasant situation.
How disappointing…

The hotel in itself wasn’t bad, although I did think it would be bigger for some reason. Maybe because the Hilton in Quebec is about 30 floors, I wasn’t expecting the one in Montreal to have only 2 floors. The additional expenses also really got to me. I got annoyed at the idea of having to pay for everything when some basic services should be included in the price of the room. 15$ for breakfast, 15$ a day to activate the internet connection in the room, it adds up fast and it makes “affordable rates” become quite high. The hotel is on the highway and the parking wasn’t even free and yet it’s physically impossible to reach the hotel without a car. And the service just… wasn’t the best. We got to the hotel at about 7pm, dropped our stuff off and had dinner. Then we chilled out in the room and went to bed around 11pm. There was a HUGE wet spot in my roommate’s bed, and I mean huge. So he called downstairs and they sent someone to check for leaks and stuff. The guy came and went, then the front desk called us and told us to come down and they would make us switch rooms. We went back downstairs and the girl at the reception apparently wasn’t aware of the situation so she called the manager who came out of hiding 10 minutes later. The gentleman told us that, since we had been in the room for about 3 hours, it was obviously our fault if the bed was wet, but they would accommodate us by giving us a new room.


Seriously… what kind of customer service is that? You blame us for something that is clearly not our fault and then pretend to do us a favor by changing the room?