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A Career in Travel

The topic of this week’s #TNI chat on Twitter made me ask myself if a career in travel could be something I would easily perform in and enjoy in the long run. After all, traveling to the far corners of the earth, or across the country, and be paid for it seems like a no brainer for anyone who has even the smallest of interest in seeing the world.

Travel Agent

Call them dream-makers, guardian angels or simply resources of the uttermost importance; travel agents have played a pivotal role in the travel industry for ages and even with the introduction of new resources, they still remain essential for many. There will always be a need for travel agents and their expertise is crucial for a large percentage of travelers who simply will not rely solely on a website and good luck to make sure their travel plans are without kinks.

Could I see myself as a travel agent? No.

Not because I don’t respect the work that they do but because every customer, every trip and every flight I would deal with would make me want to travel. Need help booking an Alaska cruise? No problem… but you have to bring me with you. A safari in Kenya? Good choice. Can I tag along?

Do I feel like it would drive me mad? No. I’m absolutely certain that it would.


I’m probably the only person in the world who thinks they would love the weird/crazy/awkward schedules flight attendants and pilots have (maybe that’s the topic of another post; travel & insanity?) but I highly doubt I would make it in that field.

A little like the travel agent dilemma, flying travelers all around the world and often not getting enough free time to enjoy the destination would probably make me end up hate people who have done absolutely nothing wrong.

That leaves a desk job as a possibility but this hardly seems like it would have enough of an awesome factor to keep me interested in the long run.

Would I consider working for an airline? Probably. It would depend on a quantity of factors but I would more than likely weigh the pros and cons of the offer itself before seriously considering it.

Airline representative

Spending an extended period of time in a foreign location to welcome, guide or assist travelers seems like a job everyone would jump on without much consideration. While it does mean spending a lot of time away from home; there are definitely worst situations to be in and the amount of crises that need to be handled, in my opinion, are absolutely outweighed by the perks of the job.

Of course I could complain that such a position would probably mean staying in the same place for a while and not traveling the world like a globetrotter but that hardly feels like a true down side to having a job like that.

The one thing I feel a little irked by is that a lot of people, especially people who are somewhat used to traveling is that airline representatives often seem to be taken for granted and not really appreciated unless their help is absolutely crucial. While it makes sense, in a way, to value their presence more in a time of need, it seems ridiculous that a crisis is required for them to be seen as necessary.

Tour guide

Wether it’s done locally or abroad, tour guides are present on a very broad scale as tours can go from a simple hour-long walk through a city to a 3-day hike in the jungle or a trek through the desert. They are a mix of Wikipedia/guidebooks/gps and maps, meaning they are always useful and sometimes even mandatory.

As much as I enjoy some guided tours, though, I feel like heading the same tour several times a week for months would become redundant quite fast and the job would quickly lose its’ luster.

In a way, I wouldn’t mind putting on the tour guide cap occasionally but I don’t think it’s the type of job that I would enjoy in the long run. Somehow, the whole “Hi everyone, my name is Travel_Version and I will be your tour guide today! Let’s get started!” just wouldn’t motivate me very long.

Looking back, it seems that travel, as much as I am completely obsessed with it, is a passion but it might not be the best career path in the long run. Besides, is it really healthy to mix business with pleasure?

I left travel writer out of this post, not because I don’t think they have a valued place in the travel industry but because I feel like their presence is different, in a way, than more “typical” jobs, which is why they should be a different post entirely.


Where Do We Go From Here?

Alright, so I found this title to be somewhat fitting with the whole traveling concept of my blog and it also follows a trend of me naming stuff after song titles or popular quotes. Not only that, but this particular title was summarizing the topic of my entry quite well; after all, traveling is about being somewhere else or at least about the journey to reach that place. I think it’s been more than established, or at least blogged about, that the journey can be either physical or metaphorical; isn’t it all the same in the end? Whether you physically traveled somewhere or went through your own personal journey without leaving the comfort of your daily life, a part of you went through a journey of sort in the hope of gaining something in the process. When you physically leave all the material behind to go and discover some foreign land isn’t it about the same feeling as someone who realizes that maybe he isn’t in the right field at school and needs to change so that he won’t have to do any classes uselessly? In both cases, you enter some completely unfamiliar ground and you leave your comfort zone to explore your surroundings, or a far-away land. While the journey to discover ancient remains of an old civilization using come to an end at some relatively precise point in time, coming to the realization that you aren’t exactly in the place you want to be in your life is a whole lot different.

That’s exactly where I feel like I’ve been this past week and I have to say that I hate it; it’s like being thrown in the dark without a flashlight. I love change and I’m all for it but not under these circumstances, not when I don’t have any control over what’s going to happen. This isn’t the same as consciously realizing that something isn’t to your liking and that you should consider changing it, it’s about coming to the conclusion that maybe you made a mistake. And it’s hard to admit. It’s definitely tough to admit when you realize that you aren’t perfect and that, like everyone else, you make mistakes. Oops.

I realized that I end up, for one reason or the other, in the same place almost at the same time every year. A sort of winter blues? I wish I knew.

Ugh, I think I need a vacation and bad


February 14th – Valentine’s Day

There are days like this when alone doesn’t even begin to cover it. Don’t get me wrong; I’m used to being alone and it takes a lot to make me feel lonely.

Roughly 2 dozen Valentine’s Days. Alone.

That same amount of Christmases and New Years.

England at 19, alone.

Lost in downtown New York at 2 in the morning. Alone.

On the road to New Hampshire. Alone.

On trains and buses and planes. Driving cars, walking, roaming empty streets, pushing through crowds to find my way. Alone.

Nothing compares to this, though.

Being away from home on Valentine’s Day, in a country that isn’t my own and surrounded by strangers. I never felt so out of place and so desperately lonely. I felt bad and wrong and it didn’t seem like there was a place for me.

Why? Because I wasn’t with family or a girlfriend/wife?

Because there was only me?

Because I was alone?