Hockey, Poutine & That Funny Accent

With 13 provinces and territories, Canada has it all. Coastal towns renowned for incredibly fresh fish and seafood, never-ending fields offering the perfect background for amazing landscape photos, snowy peaks that are famous around the world are only some of the varieties of landscapes Canada has to offer.

July 1st is the day Canadians get hyped up on Tim Horton’s coffee, paint the town red, embrace their passion for hockey and fall in a maple syrup induced coma. In other words, July 1st is Canada Day. So beyond that funny accent and a love/hate relationship with Celine Dion, here are some purely Canadian things that make us proud to be Canucks.


Forget Starbucks; Canada’s own coffee chain is as popular, if not more, as its’ American counterpart. Never had a double-double before? Head to Tim Horton’s to indulge in this Canadian favourite. Odds are you won’t have to look far to find one and you’ll feel right at home with the coffee-loving Canucks. The best part is, Timmies is slowly making its way into the U.S. market; one small step for coffee shops, one giant leap for this pillar of Canadian pride.

Passion for hockey

I’m not going to lie; I’m not a fan of hockey (shock, gasp, horror) but like most Canadians I know, once the playoffs start, I know it’s all about the game. Some people do take that passion a little far, as recently witnessed in Vancouver, but most of us are just extremely supportive of our teams and let’s be honest for a moment; there simply are no greater fans than the fans of the Habs.


Is it a healthy meal choice? No. Is it appealing to look at? Not exactly. But combine fries, cheese curds and gravy and you get the ultimate decadent meal. For the original (and best!) poutine, the province of Quebec has you covered and while more and more restaurants around the country offer this gooey guilty-pleasure, it’s always best to go with the original.


Being surrounded by two of the biggest oceans and having a strong fishing industry in several provinces means that no matter if you’re visiting the west coast or spending time in the Maritimes, fish and seafood are easy to find and always fresh. Besides, you’ve never actually lived until you’ve had a chance to ask for a side of lobster with your lobster club.

A genuinely good nature

Yes, jokes are made and yes, we may in fact apologize even when we aren’t at fault but we also have a reputation as one of the country with the nicest people. We know we’re not perfect and we know we could take notes from other countries on several things but as generalizing as this may be, I do believe we take pride in knowing what the world thinks of Canadians and we’d rather poke fun at our funny accent than get angry aboot the situation. Besides, it’s a lot more fun that way, eh?


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