The Perfect Hoodie

If there’s one thing I always pack, no matter where I go and how long I travel for, it’s a hoodie. I have a habit of flying with one and bringing at least an additional one in my luggage at all times. They’re just so comfortable and practical that it actually feels weird not bringing one when I’m on the go.

I stumbled upon this Burton hoodie and at first glance it seemed a little on the expensive side but when you take a look at the description of the product, it becomes the best thing since sliced bread. Besides, with a name like the Sleeper Premium (and nicknamed The Redeye Master), it really feels as if it was created specifically for travelers.

You may wonder what makes a hoodie a “travel hoodie” and aside from the obvious comfort factor, I would go with these 5 little particularities to name this my discovery of the year in travel clothing.

burton sleeper
Creative Commons License photo credit: inju

Custom luggage tag

I can’t be the only one who seems to lose luggage tags half the time I travel. These tags come in every shape and form but are often the first casualty of badly handled luggage so the custom tag can always be used as a replacement if your original one doesn’t make it through the entire trip.

Passport & ticket zippable pockets

Since money-belts are oh-so fashionable, those hidden pockets specifically designed to keep passport and tickets safe from wandering hands will also keep you cluster free and make it literally impossible to forget those documents when you’re on the move.

Removable inflatable neck pillow

Sure, they may make you look awkward but who hasn’t been slightly jealous of a fellow traveler wearing an inflatable neck pillow on a long flight? There’s no actual need to bring a separate one; the hoodie comes equipped with one.

Sound pocket

This may be the most common “feature” in clothing these days as a lot of coats and jackets offer that pocket designed specifically for iPods so it’s an obvious feature of a hoodie designed with travelers in mind.

Toothbrush & ear plugs

That’s right, the hoodie actually comes with some goodies and not any either; quite probably the most often forgotten, lost or misplaced travel items. So if you do lose your toothbrush or ear plugs, just dig in one of those mystery pockets to solve the problem instead of buying new ones!

I’m curious; do you have some clothes you always travel with, either for comfort or out of habit? What’s your favourite clothes when you travel?


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