6 Cool Facts About the Netherlands

Beyond things that you probably didn’t know about Amsterdam; here are some cool facts about the Netherlands.

1. Orange is the official color of the Netherlands because of the name of a powerful family that assisted the Dutch in fighting off Napoleon’s troops and even today’s royal lineage of the current dynasty are related to the powerful House of Orange.

2. The current queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix, was born in Canada, during the German occupation of the Netherlands. An entire hospital wing was declared Dutch soil in order for her to be eligible to be queen.

3. 50% of books published in the 17th century were published in the Netherlands.

4. Only 9% of Dutch people have used marijuana in the past year.

5. Tulips, a well-known symbol of the Netherlands, were the first commercial bubble (and the first crash); the highest priced bulb sold for more than the price of a medium-priced house.

6. While you can legally have sex with a prostitute, buy and use drugs or marry someone of the same sex, it is illegal to ride a bike without a light in the front and one in the back.


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