10 Things You Didn’t Know About Amsterdam

Most of us have a very precise vision of what Amsterdam is supposed to be like but beyond the drugs and sex, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the capital of the Netherlands.

1. Amsterdam’s Royal Palace was not only known as the center of Europe 400 years ago, it was seen as the center of the world!

2. Amsterdam had a revolution after the French occupation ended; effectively revolting against no one.

3. There are roughly 250 windows in the Red Light District and they are all privately owned.

4. The highest street in Amsterdam is roughly 1.5 meter above sea level

5. Amsterdam was once known as “The Second Jerusalem” for its acceptance of Jewish people.

6. Amsterdam is non-officially known as the world’s capital of multi-culturalism. There are 197 nations represented in the city.

7. Amsterdam has more canals than Venice

8. Coffeeshops are taxed by the government, although selling and buying marijuana is not technically legal.

9. Non-Jewish people in Amsterdam were the only ones to stand up against the Nazis in 1941 when they began deporting Jews.

10. Women who work in the Red Light District rent their window at a rate between 150 and 200 euros, depending on the location, for an 8 hour shift.


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