Road trip

Destination: New Hampshire
Duration: 3 days (May 2008)
Length of the drive: roughly 7 hours

Summer’s back and aside from sun, it also means that it’s the season for road trips! Being that I got my first car last year, I figured a road trip would be a good idea to do this summer and it would have been fun to have someone to do it with but apparently New Hampshire isn’t a top vacation spot for the people I know.

And so I left, all by myself, and headed south of the border. The drive was actually quite enjoyable aside from the ridiculous amount of rain. Almost as soon as I went through customs and reached Vermont, I started enjoying it a lot more as the scenery is so much better from there. To reach New Hampshire from Quebec, you have to drive through the White Mountains area and wow, it’s worth every second of it (as long as you make sure you have enough gas to go all the way since gas stations are not as commonly found as they are in more urban areas). The drive in itself is absolutely amazing and you won’t want to miss a beat of it; rain or shine, it’s worth every moment.

The major attraction of the trip; Mount Washington, was more than worth the drive to the quiet state of New Hampshire and the drive to the summit is such an out of this world experience. It starts with a very dense forest, then rocks everywhere (and mountains all around) and the last few miles are so foggy it’s hard to know if you’re driving in the right direction and not off a cliff. The weather is crazy once you’ve reached the submit and you’re unlikely going to spend more than half an hour up there but it’s still very cool and you can pose next to the ‘official’ submit plate.

The conclusion of my first ever official road trip; a weekend is too short and driving for 7 hours really isn’t that long.


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