S.A – Analysis of a First Visit

* I figured since I was going to Panama at the end of the week, this was a good time to post something on South America I wrote a couple of years ago.

How is it that I live in America and managed to go to Europe a handful of times and even all the way to Australia yet never made it to South America?
The plan wasn’t originally for S.A as much as it was for an all-inclusive vacation anywhere with less snow than Canada and hopefully something to see. If I ended up going to Central America, my only goal was to go somewhere I had never been to before. That only took Cuba & the Dominican Republic out of the equation though and left a lot of possibilities as long as it fitted my budget and my point of origin. I didn’t want to travel around the country to catch a flight that would take me out of it. It seemed odd to do so.

Venezuela came as just one more destination and competed with a few other countries located in both Central and South America. I chose Venezuela because of the price and the fact that there seemed to be actual excursions offered outside of the hotel complex. Venezuela seems to have a history greeter than say Panama which really is about as big as a bus stop.

Now I’m sitting here, watching the waves and thinking that it wasn’t such a great decision as I realize that all inclusive are great for couples, families and people traveling with friends. When you’re alone, Europe is a whole lot better for the simple fact that you do what you want, when you want and you don’t have to be alone at a table made for six people because you get to choose when and where you eat.

Final count: Europe 1 – South America 0


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