Overpacked & Underprepared

Mind you I first thought of waiting for a last-minute trip to lands unknown (a.k.a wherever the deals would be) but finally settled on booking in advance just to be sure I would actually get to go somewhere. I was worried I would end up painting myself into a corner at the last-minute with poor deals or impossible combinations of bad prices and even worse destinations.

I then realized the destination I picked had an exit tax
I then realized the one excursion I really wanted to do was a no-go
I then realized that maybe an all-inclusive beach vacation wasn’t for me

But I got over these little details and even over the not so little ones; I packed my stuff and headed off.

Of course it was only the night before leaving that I noticed the fact that most of my summer clothes had a surprising amount of wrinkles and maybe washing them beforehand would have helped get some of that wrinkling off. No big deal, it’s going in a suitcase so it’s bound to have wrinkles anyway.

I also realized some (alright, most) of my summer clothes didn’t fit too good anymore because they were too big so I had to scan through piles of wrinkly clothes to try picking the ones that fit so that I would have something to wear. No problem, I thought, I’ll be on the beach and I can manage with the few change of clothes that are wearable.

I realized that maybe I looked at things the wrong way when my cousin asked me what in the world I possibly could have packed for a week vacation at the beach to take up so much space. I didn’t pack too much; only the minimum I would need and a couple of extra things such as books, notebooks and pen. What can I say? You never know when you’ll feel like reading or writing, especially when you’re alone and odds are bringing a laptop would have been even more of a hassle at customs. No sweat, I thought, I’ll weigh everything when I’m done to see if I have to leave some stuff behind.

See, that’s the part I love the most about going away, even if it’s at an all-inclusive resort for a week. No matter how much you plan or how little planning you do, no matter if you have 3 suitcases full of stuff or if you travel light, things might change and there is nothing you can do about it. You physically cannot pack and plan for every single situation. Things happen and they change, but when you let go and come to the realization that you had absolutely no reason to be worried because everything works out in the end? That moment right there, no matter how brief it is, is worth all the lists, the planning and the doubts.


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