2010; we Write, we Travel, we Blog?

Blogging often seems like a rite of passage for modern-day travelers looking to connect and share their experiences with like-minded travel enthusiasts or people dreaming of leaving everything behind for a year-long round-the-world trip, a summer of backpacking across Europe or even much-needed R&R in an all-inclusive resort. As soon as social media and blogs became more and more of a presence in our daily lives, questions arose. Do we blog to brag or to share? We can’t all be dreaming of success through blogging, can we? Do we read blogs to inspire us? Is reading a blog entry enough to get us to dream about reaching far-away destinations or are we secretly addicted to reading about the luck of others?

Of course these are questions we have little chance of ever truly answering as I believe a majority of bloggers won’t admit to that claim to fame desire and blog readers will very rarely admit to being jealous if it isn’t done in a joking manner. Pride, in both instances, is probably what keeps us from giving up that information. Don’t read this wrong, I won’t claim to know the answer to those questions nor will I pretend I’m not jealous or envious of what I see out there. We’re human after all.

One thing that’s for certain though is that blogging changed the way we travel. Blogs aren’t only a great way to find that little restaurant located in a dark alley where you will taste the best Pad Thai in the world; you know, that one restaurant you passed several times without even thinking it could be a restaurant, the one that didn’t make the guidebooks because it isn’t aimed at tourists and won’t lure Westerners with bright neon signs or Billboard Top 40 hits. You may find it through sheer luck but you may also have read about it from a like-minded traveler who found it first and who will ease your mind about this less-than-fancy eatery.

That leaves us with 2 very different ways of traveling;

Bloggers will keep an eye open for content and will more than likely open themselves to their surroundings in the hope of finding that one monument, that special restaurant or the incredible deal on an otherwise overly expensive diving excursion. They won’t be as keen to go to McDonald’s or stay at a Hilton hotel which means they will explore and experience much more. Exploring means content and content means… well, content!

Readers will also benefit from the experience; learning from the mistakes of others and avoid missing out on those non-mainstream gems that can be so hard to stumble upon without a little push in the right direction. They also provide great assistance and guidance for those who don’t travel often, embark on their first backpacking trip or venture to a country outside of regular travel destinations. Of course it can be argued that there’s no greater way to learn than to experience things first hand but those risks are not always something everyone wants to experience.

So I guess this is me asking, why do you blog? To share, learn or is it something more?


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